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Wine Clubs

We hear it all the time up here in wine country.

"I'm a red wine drinker," or, "I only drink white wines.."

Well, we get that, and that's why we're flexible with regards to our wine club. For those that like everything, we have a perfect variety: our crisp Marsanne, delightful Rose', and our outstanding Syrah (while it lasts). This comes with a basic mixed wine club membership. For the aforementioned exclusively red and white wine drinkers, we offer memberships for either preference. You tell us red only, white only, or a variety, and how many bottles you would like, and we will do the rest.

Joining a wine club is a worthwhile investment, a great way to ensure you are getting quality, boutique wine several times a year. Marty likes to say, 

"Sometimes, all you need is wine.."

Check it out, we have 3, 6, and 12 bottle options!

3 Bottle receives 20% off 

6 Bottle receives 25% off

12 Bottle receives 30% off