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Bunting Winery & Vineyards


Bunting Shaggy foot torpedo


This is a large shaggy footed torpedo shaped cigar that is sporting a leathery looking wrapper leaf with medium veining. The wrapper seems well applied and the cap is nice and tight.


This torpedo has a really nice sweet cedar aroma that reminds me of a freshly opened humidor.


The initial puffs are creamy and have a soft mouth feel. There is almost no spiciness to the smoke and the primary flavors are cream, bread, and a hint of hazel nut. Through the noise I can detect just a hint of white pepper but it is faint, making the retrohale gentle on the sinuses and really enjoyable.


The second portion of the cigar has continued to be very mild and enjoyable. The primary flavors remain hazel nut and cream and bread and the mouth feel is oily and soft.


Entering the final portion of the cigar showed a significant shift in flavors as the cream and hazel nut has totally disappeared and has been replaced with pepper and leather. Honestly its like a completely different cigar which is really interesting. The strength has remained solidly mild so there are no nicotine concerns but the body has deepened drastically.


For a large ring cigar the burn was spot on... Nice and slow and razor sharp.


The rustic appearance of this cigar was appealing and the performance was exceptional... All of these characteristics speak to excellent construction and an excellent roller.


The draw on this sample started off just slightly tight but quickly opened up to just the way I like it... Slightly restricted... Just like a milkshake through a big fat straw...


This was a nice way to spend ninety minutes... Good flavors, a solid transition, and excellent performance. You never know what to expect from a custom roll and this was a superb surprise. Anybody who wants a nice cigar to pair with a dry or fruity wine will not be disappointed. Personally, I don't think this is strong enough to pair with a port or zinfandel, but your mileage may vary...