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Our Vineyards

Calaveras County has established itself as one of the upcoming quality wine-producing regions in California. It is becoming so renown that there are few open spaces left in the Murphys/Angels Camp area to accommodate quality vineyards able to meet slope, vegetation, and soil conditions.

Pyshon Vineyard is just over 6.5 acres and the vines were planted in 2004. All preparations to ensure the highest quality fruit were considered and initiated.

The four varieties of vines planted are of the French ENTAV clones, making them a step above any of the California clones. The continental climate of warm days and cool Sierra nights at this elevation allows us to grow some wonderful varietals: Mourvedre, Grenache, Marsanne, and Roussanne. Critical selection of clone type and root stock was given to create healthy quality and production based upon the terroir.

Terroir is a French term used to denote the special characteristics that geography bestows upon particular grape varieties. Agricultural sites in the same region share similar soil, weather, and farming conditions, which all contribute to the unique qualities of the crop. It can be very loosely translated as "a sense of place," which is embodied in certain characteristic qualities; the sum of the effects the local environment has had on the manufacture of the product.