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Bunting Winery & Vineyards


Marty Bunting grew up in the San Joaquin Valley of California and was raised on a walnut ranch. His stepfather, Gunter Schlange, taught him what it meant to work hard, long hours as a farmer. At the age of twenty-five, Marty took a job with the State of California and moved south, but he never stopped thinking about life on the ranch, and what it meant to work the land to produce a quality product.

In 2006, he moved back to the San Joaquin Valley area. Three years later, Marty was invited by a good friend to attend the 2009 Calaveras Wine Alliance's vineyard tour and dinner. He quickly became fascinated with the vineyards and wineries of the Calaveras County, Sierra Foothills region. 

In 2010, Marty met his wife, Phouguen.

"I can remember telling Phouguen about Wine Country and the great people that I had been getting to know," Marty recalls, "How these people embraced a lifestyle of hard work and moral ethics for the land, while having great pride in the production of high quality vineyards and wineries."

Phouguen was equally excited about all the things this beautiful area had to offer. In March of 2011, the two were given the opportunity to assume all farming responsibilities of Pyshon Vineyard, located in Vallecito, California.

Marty and Phouguen happily decided to create "Bunting Winery and Vineyards."